Lion Crochet teether ring
Crochet teether ring
Giraffe crochet teether ring
Tiger crochet teether ring
Fox crochet teether ring
Unicorn crochet teether ring

Crochet teether rings

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Handcrafted Neem wood teether rings with adorable amigurumi toys.

Babies love to grasp , feel and explore objects around them. These teethers not only help improve a baby's fine motor skills but also helps build their immunity. 


All our Neem Wood teethers are handcrafted, this could result in each product being unique and slightly different from each other and therefore will have minor variations on dimensions & weight from the pictures you see. 

Easy to grasp
Round and Molded edges
Polished with coconut oil and beeswax
Neem wood teether rings
Amigurumi toys made from 100% cotton yarn
Rattle insert
Baby-friendly yarn and teether ring
Five cute designs to choose from.

The wooden teethers are prone to slit with prolonged usage hence we would advise you to check the teeether for any wooden chips that might come out before giving it to your baby. 

If you find any kind of  wear and tear, please season it with coconut oil to get back a brand new teether.

Washing Instructions: 

Wood has micro pores, hence we do not advise the use of soaps, detergents or other harsh chemicals to wash the products. 

  • Gently wash with warm water, or 
  • Gently wash with Turmeric water or Normal water after use. Let it dry off completely before storage.
  • Avoid soaking in water for a long duration.
  • Do not use a steel scrubber. 
  • You can season the teether with coconut oil after wash.


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