About Yellow Rabbit

About Us
This brand wasn’t born at a startup discussion room, but with the need for our babies to be safe right from the moment we held them . We at Yellow Rabbit , basically wanted affordable, safe and comfortable fabrics around our babies with a very gender neutral feel. One never realises the sparseness of safe fabrics for babies until you have a baby in your hands. Thus, came about the idea of sustainably sourced cotton blankets , swaddles, and the rest just followed.
Using the softest, safest GOTS-certified organic fabrics, we make limited-edition prints with mix-and-match essentials, produced in small batches, that are locally sourced.
It’s all about natural fabrics and materials, for us.  We love cotton and linen. We choose certified organic, and Eco-Conscious materials whenever possible.
We opt out of chemical treatments for our garments, use the safest dyes and minimal colours while offering transparency into their processes. Our producers follow fair trade, sustainable production principles and pay workers a livable wage.
We'd love for our products to be mended and reused as much as possible.