Baby-safe dyes

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"As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy". 

A dye is a natural or synthetic substance used to add colour to or change the colour of something. These substances with colouring capacity are widely employed in the production of consumer products, including the textile industry.

The water waste from textile plants is classified as the most polluting of all the industrial sectors. Discharged dyes can remain in the environment for a long time due to thermal and photo stability in order to resist bio degradation. 

We use low-impact dyes, that can be referred to azo-free dyes or fibre-reactive dyes. The dyes are a category of synthetic or chemical-based dyes that are better for you and the environment than conventional dyes. This is because:

  • They have higher absorption rates into the clothing, which means less chemical and grey water run off into the environment. 
  • They don't contain azo dyes, a group of dyes that contain toxic compounds ranging from chlorine bleach to known carcinogens such as aryl amine.
  • They don't contain heavy metals.

Using azo-free dyes in clothing helps eliminate the risk of exposure to harmful aromatic amines, making the clothing safer for your babies and the environment. They tend to have lower levels of toxic chemicals and are less harmful during the manufacturing process and in wastewater.